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Delays, Delays, Delays

The construction delays begin. The project was to start after Thanksgiving. Thanksgivings holiday is over and still no revised kitchen designed. I asked when they were going to get started and where’s the kitchen design and the floor plan for the new bathroom for me to approve. I was told, now instead of starting after Thanksgiving he will start after Christmas. I’m not sure if I mentioned this is a rental property with a mortgage.

I was wondering why I was still waiting for kitchen and bathroom design from a company that mainly do kitchen and bathroom renovations? Hell, Kitchen and bath was part of their name.

I spoke to the contractor again about the start date. He said he had to push it back, because he wanted his best project manager to handle it and he went to his country and won’t be back until January 15th. And, I still hadn’t received the kitchen revision or bathroom design.

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