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No Sledgehammer Needed

Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive or require a sledgehammer.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, which can become boring, outdated, and unwelcoming. You can do many simple things to update your kitchen without undergoing a major renovation. Here are some ideas:

Paint your cabinets: The cabinets cover a large area in your kitchen. A fresh coat of paint can give your kitchen a whole new look. You can even change the color to match your new decor.

Popular kitchen colors are white, navy blue, black, gray, green, and natural wood. A new trend is to use a hue of beige instead of white. If you want more unique color kitchen cabinets, try coral, turquoise, yellow, plum, sage green, terracotta, or deep red. Try painting only the top or bottom cabinets.

Replace cabinet hardware: Swap out old knobs and pulls with new ones for a quick and easy update. The most popular knobs and pulls for kitchens can vary depending on the kitchen style, but here are some popular options Brush Nickels, Matte Black, brass, glass, crystal, oil rubbed bronze. Try shopping at antique stores for unique cabinet hardware.

Install new lighting: Upgrade your lighting fixtures to brighten the room and give it a modern touch. The best lighting for a kitchen depends on the layout of the space and your personal preference. However, here are some general guidelines: Task Lighting: Task lighting is essential in the kitchen for activities such as cooking, chopping, and cleaning. Under-cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, and pendant lights are the best kitchen task lighting options.

  • Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the kitchen. This can be achieved through ceiling fixtures, recessed lighting, or wall sconces.

  • Accent Lighting: Accent lighting highlights specific areas of the kitchen, such as a piece of artwork or a decorative backsplash. This can be achieved through track lighting or recessed lighting with adjustable fixtures.

  • Natural Lighting: Natural lighting is ideal for the kitchen, as it provides a bright and airy feel to the space. Use blinds or shades to control the lighting filtration.

Add or change backsplash: A new backsplash can add color and texture to your kitchen. You can choose from various materials like tile, glass, stone slab, or even peel-and-stick options. A backsplash can be an excellent opportunity to express your style and creativity in your kitchen. A backsplash can be a focal point in your kitchen, drawing the eye and creating visual interest. This can be especially effective if you choose a bold or unique design.

Change out your faucet: A new faucet can instantly update the look of your sink area. The choice of faucet finish can significantly impact the overall look of your kitchen. Here are some of the top kitchen faucet finishes:

  • Chrome: A classic and versatile finish that is easy to clean and maintain. It can work well in both modern and traditional kitchens.

  • Stainless steel: A durable and corrosion-resistant finish that is popular for its sleek, modern look. It pairs well with contemporary or industrial kitchen styles.

  • Matte black: A bold and dramatic finish that can make a statement in a kitchen. It works well in modern or minimalist kitchens.

  • Oil-rubbed bronze: A warm and rustic finish that can give a traditional or farmhouse-style kitchen a vintage look. It can also work well in Mediterranean or Tuscan-style kitchens.

  • Polished brass: A luxurious and elegant finish that adds a touch of glamour to a kitchen. It works well in traditional or transitional kitchens.

  • Brushed nickel: A soft and understated finish that can blend well with a variety of kitchen styles. It can give a kitchen a subtle, refined look.

Upgrade your appliances: If your appliances are old and outdated, consider upgrading to new, energy-efficient models. This can also save you money on your energy bills. In recent years, there has been a trend towards more unique and modern appliance finishes that go beyond traditional stainless steel. Here are some new appliance finishes that are becoming more popular:

  • Matte black: This finish has a sleek and sophisticated look and is a popular choice for appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens. It can add a touch of drama to a kitchen design.

  • Slate: This finish has a warm, matte look similar to stainless steel but with a darker, earthy tone. It works well in modern and transitional kitchens and is especially popular for refrigerators and dishwashers.

  • Black stainless steel: This finish combines the sleekness of stainless steel with the dramatic effect of black, creating a bold and modern look. It is becoming more popular for appliances like refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers.

  • Copper: This finish has a warm and rich color that can add a touch of luxury and elegance to a kitchen. It works well in traditional or farmhouse-style kitchens and is often used for range hoods and other accent pieces.

  • Custom colors: Some appliance manufacturers now offer custom colors for their appliances, allowing you to choose a hue that matches your kitchen design. This can be a great way to add personality and customization to your kitchen. The best places to start your custom appliance colors search are manufacturer websites, local appliance stores, kitchen and bath showrooms like Ferguson.

Install open shelving: Removing upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelves can create a more open and airy feel in your kitchen.

Add a rug: A colorful rug can add warmth and texture to your kitchen floor. Adding a rug to your kitchen can have several benefits, including comfort, safety, style, sound absorption, and floor protection against scratches, spills, and other damage.

Hang some artwork: Add some personality to your kitchen by hanging some artwork or a colorful wall decor.

Declutter and organize: Simply decluttering and organizing your kitchen can make it feel more spacious and functional. Consider adding storage solutions like a pantry or drawer organizers to maximize your space.

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