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Interior Design Techniques That Reduce Stress

The way we design our homes and workplaces can have a significant impact on our stress and emotions. Learn how to make your surroundings more peaceful and calming so that you can feel at ease throughout the day. Here are some decorating ideas to calm all your senses.

Visual Techniques

Use color. Both cool and warm colors can reduce stressful emotions. Imagine sitting in front of a roaring fire or the radiant heat on a sunny day. Warm colors immediately evoke connections with heat, fire, and the sun; hence, spaces filled with warm hues tend to release a sense that is more energizing, inviting, cozy, passionate, and intimate. Warm colors are yellow, orange, red, and combinations therein. Cool colors like green and blue also are colors that will relax you. There’s nothing like sitting outside in a lush green outdoor surrounding by blue skies or gazing out into ocean blues and greys. Ultimately, the best colors to reduce stress may vary from person to person. You will automatically reduce stress if you incorporate any of your favorite colors.

Organize yourself. Clutter removal will instantly make any space appear more serene. Plus, it'll cost you nothing! Put everything back in its proper place. Items you no longer use can be sold, donated, or tossed in the trash.

Use multiple lighting sources. Make use of as much natural light as possible. Limit your use of overhead lights and high-wattage bulbs. Overhead lights are great for doing task; however, it tends to be a harsher light. So, after you finish working turn down the lights. Instead opt for a variety of softer-effect floor and table lamps. Also consider using a sunlight or therapy lamp. Additionally, mirrors are a great way to bounce light so it will also help to brighten the room.

Make the most of the available space. Consider decorating with patterns if you need to tie together a large area. A bold patterned couch will add warmth to your living room. When you want to feel less crowded, choose furniture with legs, cutouts, and clear tops to maximize your air space.

Sound Effects

Add an element of water. The sound of running water has appealed to people for centuries. Imagine the steady sound of rain or beach waves on a warm day. You can even get desktop fountains for your office or solar powered versions for your garden if you want something environmentally friendly. Also, consider an aquarium, indoor water garden, indoor water spa, water walk through, or water wall.

Put up chimes. Try hanging a few on your back porch. If you prefer bird song, put out a feeder. You'll get serenaded every morning.

Play digital files. Wherever you live or travel, you can now access pleasant sounds with your laptop or any media player. Download an app like Calm. Browse online or buy a CD full of recordings of falling rain, splashing waves, or the natural music of the Florida Everglades.

Scent Appeal

Pick up a diffuser. Diffuser kits with natural reeds will disperse scent for months. That way you can avoid the safety risks of leaving burning candles unattended. To get started try diffusers from retailers like Tuesday Morning, HomeGoods, TJ Max, and Pottery Barn.

Rely on traditional scents. Oils like lavender, chamomile and sandalwood are old favorites because they work well for calming the mind. If you have a green thumb, try some living herbs. Lavender is easy to grow yourself and requires little maintenance. Just cut a few sprigs and take them indoors whenever you need to bring freshness to a room.

Experiment with new fragrances. If you want more variety, shop around for new oils. Neroli is becoming increasingly popular. This fragrance is produced from Bitter Orange blossoms and has a subtle but complex flowery aroma.

Textural Elements

Put something unusual on the walls. There's more to wall art than framed paintings and photographs. Try an unusual object that will make you want to touch it, like a twisted rubber sculpture.

Pay attention to your bedding. You spend about a third of your life sleeping, so turn your bed into a comfort zone. Select a mattress that’s comfortable for you. Use high quality sateen, percale, Egyptian or Pima cotton sheets. Layer it with plush comforters and weighted throws.

Use accent pieces to add interest and bring you joy. Unusual and inexpensive accent pieces can add textural interest and spark joy to any room. Include throw blanket for a sofa and/or pillows covered in soft.

You can transform your home and office with design choices that will help you breathe easier and reduce your stress levels. Especially if you're coping with a demanding schedule, create rooms that accommodate all your senses and help you feel composed. This will bring you peace not only at home, but everywhere you go.

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