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Trust your gut - Think hard, Think wrong

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

I like this guy and I thought we could work together. He sent me the estimate and we negotiated on the price.

After receiving the estimate. I asked for references. He provided a long list. I prepared the list of questions. I emailed and called several of them. I reached two. One reference said Contractor finished on time and on budget. However, they sometimes did not stick to the daily schedule. But she was happy with the end result.

**Hindsight -Red Flag** The company not sticking to the schedule would become a big issue. Sometimes the workers came in late and left early or didn’t show up at all without a call.

I received an email response from the second customer. He would recommend the contractor, but he had some small touch up items he was waiting for the contractor to finish.

**Hindsight - Red Flag** The company not completing the details is an issue. Details matter.

I felt comfortable with my choice, so I signed the contract at the end of October 2018. I gave him a cashier’s check for half of the contract. He told me he could get started after Thanksgiving and it would take 6 weeks to complete the project.

**Hindsight - Red Flag** I tried to pay him though the company’s online payment system. He quickly called me and requested that I give him a cashier check, even though the online payment initially went through.

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