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Picking a contractor

Well I finally picked a general contractor. It took me several months. I checked the company’s license. I made sure they were a class “A” contractor. In Virginia the website is to validate a contractor’s license. I also called and emailed a few of the references the company provided.

There are three types of Virginia contractor’s licenses: Class A, Class B, and Class C. The licenses are generally based on the monetary limits of projects that your business will be bidding on.

Virginia Class A contractors are unrestricted in the dollar amount of contracts they may complete.

Virginia Class B contractors can perform work on or manage projects up to $120,000 per project or $750,000 yearly.

Virginia Class C contractors can perform work on or manage projects that are greater in value than $1,000 (but not more than $10,000) but not more than $150,000 yearly.

Since I was unsuccessful with the big box store, I researched the internet for home remodelers and found a contractor online. I read the reviews and they were positive. I checked to make sure this was a class “A” contractor. Set up an appointment at the house. Owner was very personable. We talked about the layout and design of the room. He seemed to understand my vision. We discussed the kitchen layout, the new on suite bathroom, the laundry closet and the remodel of the existing bathroom.

I like this guy and I thought we could work together. He sent me the estimate and we negotiated the price.

After receiving the estimate. I asked for references. He provided a long list. I prepared the list of questions. See below. I emailed and called several of them. I reached two. One reference said Contractor finished on time and on budget. However, they sometimes did not stick to the daily schedule. And she was happy with the end result.

I received an email response from the second customer. He would recommend the contractor, but he had some small touch up items he was waiting for the contractor to finish.

I felt comfortable with my choice, so I signed the contractor at the end of October 2018. I gave him a cashier’s check for half of the contract. He told me he could get started after Thanksgiving and it would take 6 weeks.

Questions I asked the references.

Was the project completed on time and on budget?

Did the Contractor meet the Terms of the contract?

Did you like the overall kitchen and/or bathroom design and the available material selection?

Was the Contractor Willing to Listen to You?

Was the Contractor Willing to Make Corrections as Necessary?

Would you recommend the contractor to friends/family? Why or why not?

Other useful links for contractors’ questions

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