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Kitchen Cabinets - You ordered what...

I was told it was time to order the cabinets, so I went to his showroom. It was a nice showroom with a lot of tile, cabinet, and countertops displays. I picked out the cabinets I wanted. A blue grey shaker, but we didn’t go over the kitchen layout for me to approve.

After a few weeks I requested to see the kitchen design with the cabinets. He said he had ordered the cabinets, because it took a long time to get. He ordered them without me deciding on any of the configuration. I was so disappointed. I requested that he at least send me the kitchen design. I also told him that we need to communicate, and he is to do nothing without my approval.

After a few requests, I received the kitchen design via email. It wasn’t what I wanted. It lacked symmetry. We discussed. I sent him an email with the changes I wanted and requested a revision so I could approve it.

I never did get a revision. He ordered the cabinets based on the unapproved design; as a result I didn't have enough cabinets to complete the kitchen.

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