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He said, she said - Demo

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Work finally started Monday January 21st. The following Saturday I went to check on the progress. They had gotten pretty far with the demo and the had framed and he had added the drainage to the bathroom. One big problem this bathroom was to be an on-suite bathroom. The doorway was in the wrong place. Contacted contractor and he said his team went over several design options and thought this would be the best one. He spoke to everyone except the customer, me. He once again made a major decision without my approval. I sent him an email stating that I will not pay for anything he does without my written approval. I decided to bring witnesses that lived in the area, because I realized he couldn’t be trusted to follow my instructions. He and I met along with my cousin to go over the plan again. The reason for the redesign was the hot water tank. I told the contractor to remove in an earlier discussion. He said, he thought that I was going to remove it, but when I hadn’t, he thought I had changed my mind. The conversation about the water heater happened the Thursday before the demo started. He said they were going to take it out. Now, we have a he said, she said situation.

Unapproved bathroom design

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